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Snore Therapy in Tampa, FL

At our practice, we take our patients’ overall well-being into consideration. Snoring and sleep apnea are two concerns that significantly affect daily and long-term health. With precise and proven laser treatments, Dr. Beatriz Totzke, can minimize or eliminate them. For every patient struggling to get a full night of sleep, our snore therapy is a real solution.

For those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, we offer laser treatment. All Ages Dental Spa welcomes referrals for treating OSA and helps anyone who needs snore therapy. We even provide the ability for you to perform your own sleep test in the comfort of your home! 

Why Does Snoring Affect Our Sleep?Laser Snore Therapy in Tampa

At night, the brain regulates breathing patterns for a steady flow of oxygen. The airways, however, do not always work properly. In the case of snoring, they may be blocked or restricted in some way, but it is not always due to a health factor. Some people are genetically inclined to have loose throat tissue, which gets in the way of breathing, while others may be overweight.

Air passing through small airways is what causes snoring, which varies in severity. When breathing is completely blocked by tissue, it’s called obstructive sleep apnea. When this occurs, the brain wakes up the body to reset breathing. This can make people toss and turn, generally resulting in excessive tiredness.

Both snoring and obstructive sleep apnea interrupt normal sleeping patterns and are disruptive to your spouse or partner. Lack of quality sleep affects the amount of energy for daily tasks, which is most obvious in the workplace. Over time, snoring and OSA increase the risks of other health concerns and limit the ability to enjoy life.

Dr. Totzke understands how crucial sleep is to the whole body, including the well-being of the smile. As a dentist that emphasizes holistic care, she makes sure to thoroughly examine patients and ask them questions about their health. When sleep issues are noted, she recommends the next steps for patients. In some cases, they may need to go to their medical doctor for further investigation. When snoring is indicated, we will schedule the NightLase® treatment.

Treating OSA and Snoring for a Good Night’s Rest

Dr. Totzke utilizes a state of the art Fotona® laser, in conjunction with CPAP and mouth appliances, to treat patients. The NightLase program is completed with a minimum of three applications, and annual touch-ups maintain the effects. Pain-free and in-office, our snore therapy is convenient and comfortable for patients.

The laser applies gentle heat to the throat, which stimulates collagen inside the tissues. As the collagen reacts to the heating, it tightens up the area and clears the airways. Tighter tissue reduces the frequency of snoring and reduces the effects of sleep apnea. With NightLase, our patients have improved sleep and minimizes the likelihood of invasive procedures.

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