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Laser Teeth Whitening in Tampa, FL

At All Ages Dental Spa in Tampa, we lift teeth stains rapidly and effectively. Beatriz Totzke, DDS, uses Fotona’s laser exclusive teeth whitening procedure TouchWhite™. With a case-by-case approach and a commitment to quality services, we offer teeth whitening treatment focused on our patients’ needs.

Whether drinking coffee or general wear have darkened teeth, Dr. Totzke and her team can restore the brilliance of the smile. New and registered patients are welcome to ask us about our laser teeth whitening dental service.

Advantages of Laser Teeth WhiteningTeeth Whitening in Tampa

The Fotona TouchWhite system improves upon existing laser whitening procedures, making treatment much more comfortable. Patients typically spend 20 minutes in the chair to obtain a brilliant smile, whereas most options take an hour. This is due to the combined efficiency of a dental laser and whitening gel. The gel absorbs the lasers’ energy and distributes it across tooth enamel, reacting with stained enamel minerals to quickly make the teeth whiter.

Dr. Totzke stands by the health benefits of the TouchWhite procedure as well. It was designed to be gentle on the teeth and gums, minimizing the irritation typically caused by whitening gels and activation lights. TouchWhite preserves teeth hydration and helps patients feel more comfortable, especially when they have sensitive gums.

What Can Patients Expect?

Unlike take-home whitening treatments, our dentist applies the gel directly to teeth. Then, she directs the laser throughout the smile to activate the gel. Once Dr. Totzke completes the procedure, patients will have a whiter smile. Results may vary, however, as everyone’s teeth and stains are different. Further whitening treatments may be recommended.

Our dentist applies a fluoride varnish before and after the procedure to further reduce the sensitivity to the gel material. It is recommended patients avoid drinking dark-colored fluids and eating foods that accelerate re-staining. With proper care, patients can enjoy a whiter smile for three months or longer.

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Dr. Totzke offers laser teeth whitening to people in Tampa and the surrounding areas. We emphasize modern dentistry and a quality approach and offer a range of other cosmetic dental services to address many other needs.

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