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Dental Implants in Tampa, FL

Our dentist at All Ages Dental Spa believes that those with missing teeth should be given the opportunity to feel confident and regain optimal dental function. Dr. Beatriz Totzke works together with patients to create a treatment plan that comprehensively restores their smiles. Our Tampa dental team is committed to patient comfort and does not move forward with any form of dental care until the patient is at ease with the service they are receiving.

Dental implants are one of the best teeth replacement options available, improving oral health and maintaining healthy supporting structures. For more information about implant treatment and their restorations, call our practice today!

Implant-Supported Restorations at All Ages Dental SpaDental Implants in Tampa

While traditional prosthetics such as dentures and bridges do well to restore the visual aspects of your smile, they do not provide a stable bite or help preserve your dental anatomy. These appliances are also known to frequently move or dislodge, making everyday tasks such as eating and speaking difficult.

However, dental implants restore a tooth from root to crown as the post is surgically placed into the jaw to provide a strong, stable foundation for the prosthetic. The implant is fabricated from biocompatible titanium and naturally fuses with the jawbone bone as patients begin to recover. Once the bone and post have integrated, Dr. Totzke provides patients with a restoration that suits both their aesthetic desires and meets their oral health needs.

When patients choose to obtain dental implants, they must come to our practice so our dentist may examine their smile. We use a 3D scanner to take detailed images of their dental anatomy, ensuring we devise a treatment plan that improves your oral health. For placement, patients do not undergo the procedure at our office, however, they are referred to a trusted implant specialist to complete the first phase of obtaining dental implants.

Single-Unit Crowns replace one tooth at a time and may be used anywhere in the smile.

Bridges restore one or more teeth in a row.

Dentures are used so patients may regain full arches of teeth with a limited amount of implants.

Snap-On Smile is a fabulous long-lasting temporary restoration so patients may restore their facial aesthetic right after the procedure while the surgical site heals.

Any of the restoration options available at All Ages Dental Spa improve patient confidence by enhancing their smile’s appearance.

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For patients seeking to comprehensively replace missing teeth utilizing dental implants, contact All Ages Dental Spa today! Our Tampa dentist, Dr. Totzke, wishes to help patients feel like themselves again by giving them the opportunity to restore their smile to its fullest potential. 


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