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Lumineers® in Tampa, FL

When cosmetic imperfections obscure otherwise healthy teeth, the most transformative option may be the one that requires the least amount of alteration. At All Ages Dental Spa, our goal is improving wellness overall, and we offer Lumineers® for patients in Tampa and the surrounding communities as a conservative way to enhance aesthetics dramatically.

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Picture of Lumineers in Tampa, FL | Lumineers in Westchase, FLWhat Are the Advantages of Lumineers?

Asymmetrical or discolored teeth are among the more common aesthetic challenges patients face. These are the cases where Lumineers prove to be an incredibly beneficial option. Made of Den-Mat’s patented Cerinate® porcelain, these veneers are as thin as contact lenses and do not require altering the dental structure. With just two visits to our Tampa practice, patients can receive the significantly brighter smile they’re looking for without having to wear temporaries or experiencing any downtime following treatment.

Receiving Lumineers from Dr. Totzke

When you come to All Ages Dental Spa for veneers, Dr. Totzke first spends time gaining a complete understanding of your cosmetic goals. With your input, she determines a color for the veneers that is consistent with your smile’s natural beauty. Our Tampa office features state-of-the-art technology, and our ability to take digital impressions makes capturing the exact specifications for your custom Lumineers a hassle-free process. Dr. Totzke works closely with the technicians at Den-Mat as they precisely craft the veneers, making sure the end result is an attractive addition to your smile that fits comfortably.

Lumineers are versatile enough to be included along with additional cosmetic and restorative care as part of a smile makeover. The slender design of these no-prep veneers means Dr. Totzke can apply them over functional restorations such as bridgework or crowns. Our dentist also checks for signs of gum disease or cavities and treats these before proceeding with placement. Taking this approach prevents harmful bacteria from impacting healthy tooth structure below the veneer.

With diligent at-home hygiene and regular follow-ups at our office, these slim yet resilient veneers can last more than two decades. Though they produce a permanent improvement in your smile’s appearance.

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If your confidence is hindered by the way you feel about your teeth, Dr. Beatriz Totzke and the team at All Ages Dental Spa are here to help. Our practice offers a full array of cosmetic services and procedures, including ultra-thin porcelain veneers, which create a vibrant dental appearance while maintaining long-term oral health.

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